The Ultimate Guide to Sighthound Apparel: Navigating Through Seasons with Style and Comfort

Sighthounds, with their regal profiles and elegant figures, are not only pets; they are members of the family who must be treated with the utmost importance and kept in comfort. Whippet Coats was crafted for them to be bespoke like most of our clothes that genuinely suit Whippets, Greyhounds, Italian Greyhounds, and other sighthounds. This eBook gives you a comprehensive rundown of the must-have clothing for sighthounds to ensure they remain cosy, warm, and trendy as they walk or sit on the couch, no matter the season.
Embracing Winter: The Art of Heat Preservation
According to legends, sighthounds are known for their slim builds and gorgeous short coats that do not protect them from the cold. This winter, our investment direction is to meet this challenge, bringing people warmth, activity and convenience.

Our winter coats were developed to mix functionality and fashion perfectly. Constructed out of water- resistant polyester and lined with warm Polar fleece, these coats keep you dry in the rain, wind, and cold. These include the nature of the long fleece neck, the Velcro waist that is adjustable to give a close fit, and the fabric that can be machine-washed to ease maintenance.
Summer and Rain: Fighting Heat and Humidity
Summer presents its challenges, but our personalized, lightweight raincoats ensure your sighthound is prepared for sudden showers, offering practicality without overheating. Our cotton-lined raincoats are made to be lightweight yet practical. They will keep your pet dry without overheating.
Comfort is our primary focus: from the breathable material to the adjustable fittings, all features of our summer raincoats have been thought about your sighthound. The cotton lining provides the extra warmth needed to face the cold days with ease while still being appropriate for the unpredictability of summer weather.
Year-Round Essentials: Sleepwear and Nightwear.

Our jumpsuit collection is not just about keeping your Visual Hound fit; it’s also about adding an elegant touch to their everyday appearance. From different fabrics and designs, these sweaters are perfect to put on in winter and to wear alone on cool evenings in spring or autumn.
To combat the cold, especially at night, our collection includes fleece PJs, meticulously tailored to the lean silhouette of sighthounds, ensuring an extra layer of warmth for a cozy night’s rest. Joggers or softer, more breathable fabrics are ideal because they guarantee comfort for your pet while sleeping.
The Whippet Coats Difference: Quality, Craftsmanship, and Care
Founded by Isy, a textile manufacturing expert, Whippet Coats blends passion and craftsmanship in each clothing line, now offering personalized coats and worldwide shipping, showcasing our commitment to sighthound owners everywhere. With decades of experience in the textile industry, Isy and her team ensure that every garment meets the highest standards of quality and design.
We produce long-lasting products, from durable, lightweight raincoats to fleece PJs, complemented by our repair service and now enhanced with worldwide shipping, making our sustainable solutions accessible globally. This is an approach which not only contributes to the environment but also gives added value, in the long run, to our customers.
We understand that each sighthound is individual. Thus, everything is available in customizable options. Your dog’s size helps to obtain a perfect fit, which protects and comforts the dog. Personalization of our services enables our clients to enjoy a personal touch where your canine’s wear is as unique as it is.
At The Whippet Coats, our commitment extends to providing hounds with the highest quality, personalized clothing for every season, now easily accessible through our worldwide shipping option. Whether it’s a warm and cosy winter coat, stylish summer raincoat, or comfortable jumpers and snug pyjamas, our range covers your seeing-eye dog for all weather. Please go through our assortment and find that fantastic mix of style, comfort, and safety for your treasured pet.

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