About The Whippet Coats

The Whippet Coats was founded by Isy, a Falkirk native with a breadth of experience in the textile manufacturing industry. 

Isy  grew up in Falkirk and pursed a career in textile manufacturing, upon finishing high school she worked as seamstresses in various textile factories for almost two decades. When the commercial sewing industry in Scotland faced decline, Isy  sought out work elsewhere.

Isy’s passion for quality dog clothing came about when she designed and stitched a set of pyjamas for her own dog Willow. It didn’t take long for word to get out and soon Isy had a request from her sister-in-law violet to make a set for her two show dogs. After seeing how much her dogs appreciated the additional warmth in colder weather, Isy’s sister-in-law asked if she could use her sewing skills to design and produce a set of coats to keep her Afghan hounds dry and warm in the Scottish rain. 

With the original two coats the gracing the backs of show dogs and their owner running a popular grooming salon, enquiries came flooding in. Isy opened her online shop and demand was strong from the owners of chilly dogs far and wide. When the time came she took a leap of faith and sold her car to upgrade her sewing machine and increase production to keep up with demand.

With an ever-growing list of orders, rave reviews from customers most importantly lots of cosy dogs, Isy asked Janice to come aboard at The Whippet Coats and put her sewing skills to work. Albeit in a slightly different capacity than in years previous. Now, when you order a coat from The Whippet Coats and submit your dog’s measurements, material is measured, cut and sewn to your dog’s exact requirements by Isy  right here in Scotland. You can even have your dog’s name, or a custom design stitched into the garment to make it extra unique.

The Whippet Coats dog coats incorporate a Double Diamond stitch on the outer layer to increase their durability and resistance to tears. All our products are also Oeko-Tex Certified and machine washable so no matter how muddy your dog gets while out exploring, cleaning up is a breeze.

Our goal in creating The Whippet Coats is to provide unbeatable handmade quality at affordable prices. Everything we produce is designed to last and we even offer a repair service to maximise the product’s lifespan. Head to our products page to see what we have to offer, just select your preferred colourway, let us know your dog’s measurements and we’ll get to work cutting and sewing your custom coat to keep your dog clean, warm and dry!

The best quality garments at affordable prices

We are always striving to produce garments of outstanding quality.  If you have any suggestions for us, please get in touch

Featured Product

Waterproof and Windproof coats

Made with 7oz waterproof polyester and is fully lined with quality polar fleece making this one of our best selling coats.

With its long fleece neck Designed to go over your hounds head and fasten with an adjustable Velcro belt on the waist.

Coats are machine washable at 30 without detergent.

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