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Have your Whippet, Greyhound, Sighthound or Italian Greyhound looking fabulous while protecting them from the elements 

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Whippet Clothing

Jumpers, Coats & Pyjamas

Understanding the distinct needs of Whippets, our range of clothing is tailored to offer both style and practicality. Whippets, with their lean bodies and short fur, require extra care during colder months or wet weather.

Wide selection of clothes

Our collection, including Italian greyhound clothing, is designed to provide warmth without restricting movement

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Every item, from sleek whippet coats to snug greyhound fleece, is crafted to suit the unique body shape of these sighthounds, ensuring a perfect fit.

Whippet Coats

Coats to keep your dog snug

Our exclusive selection of whippet coats caters to various weather conditions. The whippet raincoat is a popular choice, providing robust protection against rain while maintaining elegance. 

Wide selection of coats

For colder days, our greyhound coat and whippet coats for winter are lined with thermal materials, keeping your pet comfortably warm.

Style and function

The whippet jacket range includes stylish options that not only keep your whippet cosy but also turn heads during your walks.

Whippet Jumpers

For warmth everyday

Jumpers for whippets are not just a fashion statement but a necessity for these slender breeds. Our whippet sweater collection, which also includes Italian greyhound jumpers and sighthound jumpers, is made from high-quality fabrics that offer warmth without bulkiness. 

Fleece Jumpers

These garments are ideal for indoor wear or for layering under coats on particularly chilly days.

Warmth and Style

Our designs range from classic to contemporary, ensuring there's a style to suit every whippet's personality.

Whippet Pyjamas

For those cold nights

Evenings can be chilly for a whippet, and our range of greyhound pyjamas and whippet pyjamas provide the perfect solution for nighttime comfort. Made from soft, breathable fabrics, these pyjamas are ideal for ensuring your whippet stays warm and cosy all night long. 

Wide selection of pyjamas

They are especially beneficial for older dogs or those with thinner coats.

Style and function

With charming designs and colours, our pyjamas also make great gifts for whippets, bringing comfort and style to their bedtime routine..

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Waterproof and Windproof coats

Made with 7oz waterproof polyester and is fully lined with quality polar fleece making this one of our best selling coats.

With its long fleece neck Designed to go over your hounds head and fasten with an adjustable Velcro belt on the waist.

Coats are machine washable at 30 without detergent.

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Who we are

The Whippet Coats was founded by Isy, a Falkirk native with a breadth of experience in the textile manufacturing industry. In the Workshop she is supported by her sister and right-hand woman Janice.

Isy and Janice grew up in Falkirk and both pursed a career in textile manufacturing, upon finishing high school they worked as seamstresses in various textile factories for almost two decades. When the commercial sewing industry in Scotland faced decline, Issy and Janice sought out work elsewhere. Fast forward a few years and Isy and Janice are working in separate industries, Isy as a taxi driver and Janice in a local car dealership but of course, being sisters, they would never drift far and would often spend weekends together with their families and dogs on the Scottish coast.

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