Summer cotton lined raincoats

Summer Cotton-Lined Raincoats
Your dogs are skis even in the summer rain. Our lightweight, personalized raincoats, lined with summer cotton, ensure your sighthound stays dry without overheating, perfect for unpredictable summer showers. These coats are stylish as well as functional, assuring that your dog will look bright and feel comfortable even during a summer streak.

Our jackets can protect you from the rain but are more than just about keeping you dry. They are about both the comfort and the fit. The lightweight construction gives your furry friend enough comfort and freedom to be traditional on a casual walk or adrenaline-pumping run. The inner lining of cotton offers an extra layer of warmth for the days that get cooler in the summer. Hence, these coats are all-season- suitable.
Craftsmanship and Care
Owned by Isy, a Falkirk resident with extensive textile industry experience, The Whippet Coats offers handcrafted, personalized options, demonstrating our commitment to quality, love for craftsmanship, and now with the added benefit of worldwide shipping to share our passion globally. Each piece is hand- made, so attention to detail is present throughout the process, assuring the highest quality. You can select various sizes and customize them to find the right fit for your pet.
Embracing sustainability and longevity, we not only trust in producing durable products but also now offer worldwide shipping to ensure our high-quality, personalized coats and fleece PJs reach your doorstep, anywhere in the world. The purpose of our products is to be durable, and we also provide reparation service as an extension for the life span of these products. This, for sure, guarantees you that your spending for your dog’s comfort and style is both green and cheap.
Unmatched Comfort
At The Whippet Coats, we will ensure that sighthounds have the best comfort, weather protection, and style, even in the harshest seasons. The purpose of the coats, jumpers, and pyjamas that we design, cut, and sew precisely for the needs of Whippets, Greyhounds, Italian Greyhounds, and other sighthounds is that the hounds remain warm in winter, dry during the rainy seasons, and comfortable throughout the summer.
The Whippet Coats represent a blend of style and function in one place. Whether you’re searching for a snug-fit winter coat to keep your greyhound or a stylish raincoat for the summer to keep it dry, our collection gives the perfect mix for its elegance, comfort, and protection. Discover our shop and explore our incredible collection of personalized coats, lightweight raincoats, and fleece PJs, now available for worldwide shipping, to find your dog’s most spectacular coat.

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